Benefits Just keep coming…,

I am feeling really blessed today and I wanted to share with you WHY that is the case.

Yes – I’ve lost 100lbs (maintaining at a 96lbs loss right now) and the benefits just keep coming.  That is STILL amazing for me to say that.  I am now honored to have the opportunity to help others to the same thing.  I’ve never considered myself as ‘FIT’, but I think the results below would qualify for that category.

Recently I had to have some blood work done.  I’ve not had any done since mid-2010 and things looked decent then after about 6 months on my journey.  This time the blood work results are remarkable!  Absolutely everything they measured is perfectly in line(or on low side) for a man my age!  From my LDL, HDL and Total Cholesterol to my total protein to my glucose, everything was absolutely awesome.

This blood work was done for a life insurance policy we just bought.  There is apparently a huge advantage of being FIT when it comes to life insurance, because I came in at what they called a SUPER preferred rate, meaning I saved nearly $1000 a year, all because of my health these days!  WOW that is absolutely amazing to me.

I’ve gone from the man on the left(yes, it’s me) who weighted 264 pound at highest measure weight to the man on the right weighing 168 pounds at last weigh in.  The picture is completely about UNHEALTHY vs. HEALTHY.

Yes Friends….there ARE many added benefits to taking your life back, and I’m still learning what they are.  🙂


One Man’s Journey from Fit to Fat–and Back Again

Growing up, I was not an athlete.

I did wrestle for a number of years, but I was more of a band geek. (Proud to say that too!) I’ve traveled the world “making music with my friends,” as I marched in various marching bands and Drum Corps. I was always fit, firm and muscular due to the demands that band and Drum Corps put on my body.

Then, in 1998, I changed careers and got a desk job. Things started to change.
I quickly grew accustomed to sitting all day. Sitting behind a desk got easier and easier. It also got easier to sit on my chair at home and do nothing.

I lost my mother in February 2001 and I started eating, much more than normal. I never knew I was an emotional eater, but there I was, eating away the grief and loss. As time moved forward, and my habits did not improve, I slowly grew to my top measured weight of 264 pounds. I knew I wasn’t healthy. I couldn’t walk up a small flight of stairs without being winded, I had no energy and I made poor eating choices most of the time. I didn’t like what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I avoided having my picture taken. In fact it was the picture taken for my security badge at work that scared me into action. My swollen face and eyes were not a pretty sight!

That just begs the question words, why, when, how, what? I simply can’t come up with a better answer than I got tired of being fat. Why at the ripe ole age of 40 did I decide to take my life back? Why, when I knew it was going to take so much discipline, so much work would I make a life changing decision?

I made this decision for me.

Now, let me give you three more reasons I changed my life. My wife and two daughters. My wife deserves a husband who is willing and able to help out around the house. I believe she deserves a husband that she can be proud of, who can come home from work and have the energy necessary to help with dinner, kids, activities, etc. My daughters deserve a Daddy who doesn’t sit in his chair asleep all the time. They deserve a daddy who has energy to play with them, get on the floor and wrestle, tickle, and not be a grump all the time. They need a role model.

So I made the decision on December 28, 2009 to take my life back!